What is the design of Bitcoin?

The unit of account that is the money function in the Bitcoin system is known or called Bitcoin itself, and the currency nodes for them are either BTC, or they can be XBT. 

The Unicode character of Bitcoin is known as B, and Bitcoin is known to be divisible by eight decimal places which are known to be a very large amount, and therefore it is so expensive. 

The smaller units of Bitcoin are known as millibitcoin, and they are known to be equal to 1000 Bitcoins, while one of the smallest is sat, which is known to be equal to a hundred million Bitcoin. 

The Bitcoin blockchain is not known to be a ledger which that people can also use, and the best part about it is that since it is not centralized, it is protected by the community itself and also the making company.

The best part about blockchain is that all the data is stored inside of the blocks, which are then joined together to form a long chain, and they are then stored in the Blockchain system hence the name. 

There is a huge network of communicating nodes in the Bitcoin ledger itself that prevents the blockchain system from faulting out and making mistakes like double counting and much more. 

The transaction is recorded in such a way that a payer X will give Y amount of Bitcoin to the payee Z, and then it is recorded in the blockchain system to make sure that the data is being kept safe. 

Network nodes can be used to validate transactions, data and then they are used to make the entry of the secured and verified data into the blockchain ledger to be recorded. 

The transaction on the Bitcoin system is known to be formed on a random language which is also described as forth like scripting language by many people. 

The transactions that take place in Bitcoin will require one or more input along with one or more output successfully so that it can be considered as a transaction and stored successfully in the blockchain system. 

The user will designate the amount of Bitcoin which they are using in the transaction and also its address so that they can avoid double counting of the Bitcoin in the Blockchain system. 

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What is known as block reward?

Block reward is known to be that kind of reward which had been awarded to the miners because they are known to keep the Blockchain system safe from any kind of virus. 

Many people say that the miners are not rewarded under the block rewards as they are being rewarded in the transaction fee and have been going on for very long. 

The real truth or facts that are in front of the people state that they are being paid by the block reward system and no other things. 

Another thing is that in this reward system, they are being gifted the smallest amount of crypto for making one entry at a single time, and they do multiple entries. 

This is not only good for the miners but also for the whole Bitcoin community because it is increasing the supply of Bitcoin in the market due to which prices are rising. 

This is also a good thing for the miners because by selling some of the Bitcoin off in the market, they can earn money to pay for the electric bill, internet bill, and much more to keep working. 

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